About Codeder.com

Since starting building some codes back in my early days in 1997, I started to have a library of codes (along with tricks, tips and hacks). Developing tons of tools and projects since then, I started to appreciate having and growing that library, so this website Codeder.com is the idea generated from my own set of library codes that I am using in my projects.

Consistency to me seams to be more important than accuracy, it is bad, I know, so I decided to share those codes to make it easier for me to focus on accuracy and effecincy.

Codeder.com history

My library wasn't this organized and neat, it was messy and in several locations, several formats.
It took me a while just to find what I am looking for, and sometimes I needed to redo my code, and write the whole thing again.
It did get organized as I learned more and more, below you can see screenshots of how it was, started as list of files, then as text file, then inside Excel Macro-enabled workbook, then finally moved into this website.

Phase I, 1997 - 2006

Phase II, 2007 - 2013

Phase III, 2013 - 2017

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