Arabic SQL+ASP

Enable Arabic in MSSQL DB, the correct way, as of Sep 2018
Tested in Alwah and euLabels.

Edit 2019-05-20: This also saved an issue we faced showing Arabic data from DB using AJAX



My Own Work
> Fields in db should be nchar, nvarchar or ntext
> Do not waste time setting up db, default format should work
> Files should be saved in format UTF-8 BOM, saving them as UTF-8 is not enough
> Once you have "Default.asp" files saved as BOM, included files can be UTF-8, that is fine
> Then you can save with
Insert Into blabla() values(N'الإسم', N'الكنية')
Saving into db using N'value'
> If you do all above, you will be able to see them in DB correctly using SSMS, and see them in Web correctly

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