Window off-screen

Window not shown while taskbar says it is on.
Restore window position in multi-screen environment after changing setup.
I faced this issue a lot before, and I automatically apply the fix, but recently a friend asked me how can I do that. So here it is.



My Own Work
Some apps remember their location on screen, which is good
However, when you are in multi-screen setup, and change that setup, these apps tend to be on out-of-scope screen, check out screenshots

How to fix?
1- Activate that app
2- Press ALT + Space
3- Then press m
4- Then with your keyboard arrow keys, move the window to left, right, top or bottom (depend on when you you think the window was in your last setup) until you see the window showing on your screen.
5- Press Enter

I think I need to do a video to show that, lets see when I got a minute to do that

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