FixPath, IsThere, IsThere1, GetPapa, GetSon

Set of 5 functions to deal with filesystem.
Gets current workbook path, searches for a file in certain folder.
5 of my most important functions since 2002

Edit 2022-02-05: Adding FixPath_Not() to make sure there is no slash at end
Edit 2021-08-11: Adding ability to remove separator if found at end of path, to get actual Son in GetSon_Sep

Edit 2021-01-12: After few issues with files inside OneDrive, we have now the FixPath that worked on all variations (Local, OneDrive Personal or OneDrive Business), this one had ToolPath embedded in it

Edit 2020-09-30: Another issue fixed in FixPath when running from for SharePoint folders
Edit 2020-09-19: Adding ability for FixPath to get physical path if workbook is in OneDrive, or force getting the URL instead, parameter URL_ifOneDrive



My Own Work

InPath, Seperater
FileN, InFolder, Hidden, System, Directory
FullFileN, Hidden, System, Directory

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